My blog's name

I wanted to share with all of you why I named my blog, See Jane Teach Multiage.  I originally wanted just See Jane Teach but I guess that had already been taken.  I added the multiage part because I am a multiage teacher, anyway back to the name of my blog.  My mom came to America when she was 13 years old.  She lived in Germany and came soon after the war had ended.  They came to America in a ship and landed in New York City, first to Ellis Island.  It was one of the last ships to stop there. Then they took a train to Minneapolis where she grew up.(me too)  When she went to school, the teachers had her learn English by using the Dick and Jane reading series.  When I was born she wanted her daughter to have a very American name, so I was named Jane.
That's it, I just like that story.

Classroom weather posters

The first four pictures are the four elements of weather
which are temperature, air pressure,wind and moisture.
The next four pictures are the seasons! 
 My students worked on these together, didn't they do a good job!
Here is another look at them.
I love kids art work!

 and....wind is not here. I'll get back to that one.
 Although I would be perfectly fine without the wind.
The other day on the playground it was sooooo cold we were hiding by the doorway to keep warm.
I just published my Extreme Weather Reports. 
 I will show you all those soon.

First Blog Post

Multiage is a wonderful alternative to a traditional classroom.I teach in a primary multiage class. 
That is a 1st through 3rd grade classroom.
 I have been teaching in a multiage classroom for 15 years!
Our school offers this option to parents, and I love it.

Through this blog I hope to share with everyone how our multiage program works, some great teaching ideas and a love for teaching.