Turkeys, Turkeys and Real Turkeys

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday.  I just love that shopping day, however I am just horrible at starting my Christmas shopping on that day.  Instead I found all kinds of stuff for myself, (he,he..). I just love that boot rush and oh those lines are actually painful to wait in.

This past weekend I started fetching some pine boughs and greens for my mantle. I am so lucky because I just walk out my door and I have a whole forest of trees to pick from.  On Sunday when I was gathering these pine boughs a whole flock of turkeys land in the big pine and oak trees around my house. Like a whole flock.  At least ten of them were in the trees.  My chocolate lab went nuts,  but I was so excited because last week we just got done making our turkey's in the classroom and learned all about wild turkeys.  Check out these pics...
I just love this turkey craft.  This year I read a book about wild turkeys and we brainstormed a list and posted them on the smartboard and then I put them on the pocket chart so we could have them handy for all the students later on and so they could take the facts to their seats. I have a few youngers(first graders) that struggle with copying work from the front of the room.  Then we wrote our facts down on our Facts about Turkey sheets, and made turkeys.  It was a lot of fun.  The mayor was even in our classroom when we were learning and making our Turkeys.  It was Educator for a day at our school and community members spend time in our classrooms.  He learned a few facts about turkeys too!
Now bring on December....

Sounds of a and e

It is always nice to get back to a regular week.  Last week we had parent-teacher conferences and they take so much time and energy.  So I was glad to get teaching again.  I have been doing some Thanksgiving activities this week.  We are learning about wild turkeys, doing a writing activity  and we are painting  picture of our Turkey tomorrow, this is something I do every year.  The kids never get sick of it.  I will show pictures later this week. 

I did want to show you the word study lesson I do every year with my youngers.  The youngers are what we call our first graders.  I absolutely swear that the kids start to really make connections  after we get going on these lessons. I start with the sound of a. I have yellow cards that are put on the top row.  They are the main vowel patterns of a.  Then we go over them.  I pass out the white cards to the students and they take turns coming up to the chart and they have to decide what vowel pattern the word has and put the word under the correct word.  The students are learning to sort. So if the word is scar it goes under the word art, and they start to see that ar says r.   etc.......
The trick to this is to repeat, repeat and repeat.  We review this lesson all week, and we have short a and long a and word family a all that week too. 
Then the next week or two weeks later,when we are ready we move on to e.  Which we are doing this week.  The neat thing is the students took a lot less time figuring out how to sort  these words and are starting to make connections.  Then I leave them up for awhile and the students can sort the words during daily 5.
 What I love, is that I made nice, pretty word cards. Ok, before they were hand written and didn' t look so nice.  I have the sounds of i,free on my teacher pay teacher store so everyone can check it out.  Or take my word for it and get the whole mega pack on teacher pay teacher.  Each vowel sound is also available.

Happy everything! Jane