Cyber Monday and December items!

 It's that time of year again! Cyber Monday Sale on tpt is Monday and Tuesday December 2nd and 3rd.  I will have 20% off in my store when you put in the promo code: Cyber there is another 8% off so a total of 28% off.
 Here are a few of my December Items. 
My December Journal is available along with all my journals.  I have recently updated all my journals and I am excited about the new look.  Each journal comes with a black and white cover. Writing prompts for the whole month.  Which includes a variety of writing activities, including a letter, a how to page and an acrostic poem.  Each journal comes with 21 word cards to put on your word wall or pocket chart. I love my journals and so do my students.                                    My Christmas around the world, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa Reader's theatre is a fun unit.   I did this unit with my students last year and my students learned so much about the different countries.  I paired up my students and they read each part a few times and then wrote about what they learned. This unit can be performed for parents, or other classrooms and was a big hit with my students.  There are a total of 26 parts.
This unit was made to go along with the story Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. 
This the cover for the two part script.  The students brought this home for their reading homework.

 I love Rudolph and wanted to discuss with my students all the lessons that can be learned from the  story. I made this next product to do just that. It comes with a two part script which talks about the lessons.  Discussion questions you can do with your students, worksheets and an art activity.  I am excited about painting Rudolph's next week and I will update on this blog pictures of the project when my students have finished it.

Shared Reading Interactive charts for Christmas.  This is my fourth product like this and now I am hooked on making them for each season, mostly because my students look so forward to having a lesson and poem on the pocket chart.  There are four poems in this pack.  Each poem comes with activities that follow.  I use them as a direct teaching and shared reading lesson.  Trust me there are so many different lessons that can be made from one poem. Then the students follow up with the activity.  We reread the poem all week long and my students continue to work with the poem or do the follow up lessons during word work time during the daily five. The preview on my teacher sites gives you a complete description of what is included.

Shared Reading interactive charts, this is just one of the poems included in this pack.
 Dear Santa is my last December item. Every year my students write a letter to Santa and draw, paint or color a Santa.  They always turn out super cute.  It is also a great time to go over and review parts of a friendly letter.  This product contains letters for your bulletin board,  Paper for writing that letter to Santa and information and labels to model how to write a friendly letter.  Whew... If you read to the end.  Thank you so much.  Happy December, happy holidays and of course happy teaching!


November has been super busy for me.  Parent-teacher conferences just got done last week. Whew... They are so much work.  Besides that I had Lasik surgery this week.  Why I had those things on the same week, well poor planning I guess. BUT I can see! My eye-sight was horrible, so that surgery has been a blessing for me.  I couldn't see two feet in front of me without glasses or contacts so this so fun. My wonderful hubby has been trying his best to keep me away from the computer, he is sure it is going to damage my new eyes.  So I need to be quick today on this post. ( LOL, he isn't home right now) Anyway I want to share with all of you the latest items that I have been working on.
Turkey facts is a mini unit on writing about Turkeys.  My students wrote great Turkey poems last year after we read and researched these birds and drew and painted beautiful turkeys.
Thank Goodness is a super fun class book to make with your students where they have to write from the point of view of an object or someone why they might be thankful. 
For example... A turkey is thankful for.... or An author is thankful for....                                           My students will be working on this next week.
I wanted to Bundle up my November  items together for a discount.  So you can get Turkey facts, Thank Goodness and my November Journal for a great deal.

Another activity that I just finished is my interactive charts for Thanksgiving. I will be working on this also next week with the youngers. (First Graders)
Press on any of the pictures and you can see what is all included.  Happy November, and happy teaching!


My students love reader's theatre in my class, probably because they love the drama. It continues throughout the day, you know, on the playground, at lunch etc..  I am sure you get the picture. So when we do reader's theatre in the classroom  and they can be real drama like, they eat it up. I can not wait until we start this fables unit this next week. It will also be a great transition into learning  lessons and  morals which we have spent our fair time talking about and working on these first few weeks.  This pack is loaded with activities and I am excited about it.

You can find this pack on both my teacher sites.  Have a great weekend. Stay safe, because once again this week I was reminded how short our time on Earth is when a co-worker's wife was killed suddenly in a car accident just three miles down the road.  So stress less, love more and enjoy life. I plan on it!

Daily Five-Cafe Freebies

Wow! First week in and I am still exhausted, and I am sure I will be until next June.  My students were so happy to be back at school.  Four new students this year, that is it.  The rest I have had last year and the year before.  I have been so lucky to have great supportive parents and children who love to go to school.  I am sharing with you today my Daily Five and Café freebies.  My favorite is My Free pack called "Daily Five, show them how."  I like this because I do not have to make ugly anchor charts.  (I am sorry some anchor charts are very pretty.)  Mine not so much, and really if it isn't cute I don't like keeping them up for long.  So I do however like my pocket chart.  This activity you ask your students if the behavior is a correct behavior or an incorrect behavior and then you place them under the right heading. So fun, we worked on Read to Self and Read to Someone last week and then practiced these skills.  Sad to say they still need practice.  But they do certainly know what behaviors are correct and incorrect for Read to Self and Read to Someone.  I am so happy to share these lessons along with my Daily Five posters and Café posters, and strategy cards.  Enjoy and happy teaching to you all.

My favorite Daily Five item that I have (FREE)  is this pack called Daily Five (Show Them How) It has everything you need for lessons on how the students should look and behave during read to self, read to someone, word work, listen to reading and work on writing.
The words and strategies under the titles are a little different than the sisters.  A little more me friendly and kid friendly.

Happy teaching and enjoy these FREE items!



Like many teachers in less than two weeks a new school year starts.  I believe it's my 23 year of teaching.  Wow, and I still get nervous before the start of the new year.  I am not sure why that happens.  I know at least 3/4 of my students because I had them last year.  I was lucky too. What a great group of kiddos I have.  They love to learn and are always super excited about everything and that makes coming to work so rewarding. Behavior was great, I haven't always been so lucky.  I have had a few years that took a few years off my life, I am sure.  So today I want to share with you my classroom rules, because if you don't have a system that works well, it can be a mess.  I have used this system for many, many years.  Maybe not 22 years, but many.  It basically is a three strikes and a think sheet is given.  I keep a clipboard on my desk and if the students are not following a rule they receive a check by their name.  The third time the student  receives a check a think sheet is given to the student, where they reflect on their behavior and this sheet gets sent home so parents are also notified.  The parents discuss with their child what they did wrong and then the sheet is returned. Sounds simple right, it is but I don't  give many of these out.  I don't need to, they don't like them, and either do the parents.  So once the child has his name on the clipboard once, their behavior suddenly improves. The rules are posted in my room and of course discussed those first couple of days.  A note is also sent to parents to explain our classroom discipline procedures and plan.  This is all included in my Rules packs. I ended up making the rule posters in four different background choices, so don't forget if you are at all interested to look at all four different choices. My original version. A chalkboard with Chevron colors. My back to school theme which matches my Back to School Classroom Prep Pack and a simple polka dot background.
 These are some examples of the posters....


Fluency Posters

Happy August  to everyone!  I don't know about you but in August I always have an anxious feeling.  I start thinking about what I want to do yet this summer, what needs to get done for the next school year, etc.. and then it just makes it all a little easier to think about sleeping in, however that never happens, and I wouldn't be able to sleep anyways.  Ok, before I get anxious about not sleeping I want to share my fluency posters with all of you.  They are free and are so cute.  I had fun making them.  Star Wars is just too fun. If you would like these for your classroom just press here.  Happy August everyone.

Photobucketand may the force be with you!