Earth Day

I started my Earth Day activities in my classroom!  My students have loved everything we have been doing.  Today we did the Fred the fish experiment.  They were so excited. 
The bulletin board display is a story of a river based off of a book by Lynne Cherry called The River Ran Wild.  My students illustrated the pages, read them aloud together like a Reader's Theatre and now we have it displayed in the classroom.  My students are little artists and they love anything to do with drawing, painting etc.  My better reader's also read the book, The River Ran Wild and brought it home for extra reading practice.  The story is a great story about pollution but also a story about cooperation.  My students felt that the overall theme or big message in the story was about cooperation. 

Here are some individual pictures up close.  When my students illustrate they must first draw the picture.  Sharpie the drawings with extra fine sharpie, erase their pencil marks and then color with crayon or colored pencils.  I have used the sharpie technique for years and years and will never go back to just draw and color.  The pictures turn out amazing and impressive.

 These are the Earth Day bracelets we made today.  Some of the kiddos were talking that they were never taking them off.  So we will be checking tomorrow.  They had fun making them.  I super emphasized the color of the beads and their meanings and talked about how it was going to remind me to take care of the Earth.

This is the Fred the Fish activity.  It goes nicely with the river story.  It shows what pollution can do to the fish and animals in the river.  It was a hoot.  I follow a script and dump in different household items that represent pollution that happens along the rivers.  Good visual and learning lesson for the kids.  The kids felt so bad for Fred the fish are little sponge fishy.
Below are more pictures of things we have been working on with this Earth Day unit. 

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Mother's Day Cookbook

The other day I was going through recipes and I found an old book of recipes that we put together for our mom's for Mother's Day, I must have been in 3rd grade and the recipe that my mom included in the booklet was a great recipe that we enjoy still today.  But it gave me an idea for a Mother's Day gift that I would like to do with my kiddos.  A Mother's Day Cookbook.  Cooking has always been something that my mom was great at.  Her health isn't the best and she doesn't cook as much as she use to, but all the memories of the food and the meals that my mom made for us, will never go away. One of the most precious gifts I got for my wedding, which will be 25 years in July was a recipe book that my mom had given me that was filled with all my childhood's favorite recipes.  It is still my most used cookbook.  There is just something about moms and the love that goes into each meal.  Here is a look at a few pages of the cookbook that we will be making. 

 I will let you know how it turns out!  Check it out on my tpt and tn.