America is...

      This week we have Red, White and Blue Day at our school.  Our music teacher puts on a big, big production in honor of our veterans and community members for a Memorial Day remembrance celebration.  The students wear red, white and blue and sing patriotic songs.  It is a good week to reflect and teach students a little about America.  I put together this pack, it has many activities I have done with my students in the past and a few new ones that I will be doing this week.  My favorite activity that I am looking forward to doing is America is... writing activity.  I will start out by reading this book by Louise Borden.  It has great illustrations and gives readers a glimpse about what America is... Then I have my students make their own versions of America is... I give ideas on how to do this in my pack.  I will display on my bulletin board before this becomes a class book, but I love how this turns out.  It has been awhile since I have done this project.  The first time I did this project it was the year 2001.  We did many patriotic activities that year mainly due to 9-11 but I think maybe we don't do this enough.  We live in a wonderful country and we need to teach this to our students and hope that they will show and share their patriotism to others.

I hope to add more pictures in a few days to show you what we did in the classroom.  Check America is...out on my tpt and tn shops and check out the preview to get a good glimpse of what the pack contains. 
Have a wonderful long weekend. Enjoy and remember. Jane

This is the cover for the America is book.