Stay on Target with Fluency Phrases

My summer has finally begun.  Yeah! I was teaching summer school and it just got done. It was a quick three weeks but now I hope to start all my projects, read a book, organize my house and start on relaxing a bit. I get a little anxious thinking about all I want to accomplish this summer. 
But I did get a few things done and I am super excited about them.
Ever since I went to a Reading fluency conference a year ago I have wanted to make fluency phrase flash cards for my students.  When I saw Melonheadz clipart come out with Star Wars characters I knew exactly how I was going to use them.  I just love her work.  So take a look at my Stay on Target Fluency Phrases.

This pack includes all 300 fry words in phrases.   All 300 words in Fry's list should be mastered by the end of third grade.  According to Fry these 300 words make up 2/3 of all the words that students will encounter in their elementary school reading.  Having students practice these words in phrases and short sentences helps students with their reading fluency and will help in their overall reading achievement. If you notice their are 9 mini-booklets to make.  When students can read the pack fluently they earn a certificate and they can move on to the next character.  For easy organization I attached the packs with binders and the back side holds the certificates and check off sheet. I am hoping these Star Wars characters motivate my kids.  It is an easy, quick activity to do in centers, with partners or when parent volunteers come to help.

 This is the back side of the binder that holds the certificates and check off sheet in it.  Ready to go for next year.

They are just too cute! I will post more shortly.  I am off to paint a dresser for my daughter, and I have to get my work out in.  Good day! Jane

Text Features Book

My students loved writing animal reports.  We first learned all about nonfiction text features.  I  made a book about non-fiction text features where you use the gradual release of responsibility model. I love teaching that way.  When you have the large range of learners that I have in my classroom it is important that direct teaching occurs and that clear expectations are taught. After teaching each text feature the students did the same in their book. You can find the non-fiction text feature book here.
Then when we got done learning all about the different text features my students made their own books.  Because we had also been doing our Country Reports the students were required to pick animals from their countries studied.  My class had African countries so the choices for animals were wonderful.  The booklets are easy to follow because each page requires certain information and text features.
These are samples of inside the books.  They had to include headings, bold print words, subheadings, a timeline, glossary, index etc...

I can guarantee my students know their text features and what was neat is they would point them out when they saw the text features in books in the classroom.
We had a lot of fun.  At the end of the year I noticed this was on many lists as their favorite project of the year.  Go figure it has something to do with animals. Please check out this unit on my teacher pay teacher site or teacher notebook.  I have  received a lot of wonderful feedback from other teachers. I am glad. Happy summer break to you all, I am teaching summer school, working on projects and hopefully relaxing a bit.