Work on Writing Center Choices and Student Folders

I recently updated my Work on writing packs here is a new look at them.
What is great about these Work on Writing packs is that it includes everything you need for your students during the Daily Five and Work on Writing Time or Writer's Workshop time.


The bulletin board contains the center choices with prompts, paper, etc... and   the student folders contain labels for their folders so they can stay organized. Once this is set up, your students will be busy writing all year long.  My students last year loved their folders and there work was organized and in one folder. 

There are many ways you can organize this unit.  Here are two ways that I mention.

You will need binders and folders for your students.  I got the binders at Sam's Club I like them because they have a front where you can slide the cover right inside.  Then each student needs 3 folders punched and put inside the folders.  Then attach the labels to the folders and run off the writing journals, reading response journals etc.. Then they go right inside your student's folders.  For the Bulletin board, I used folders again to display the posters that are in the packs.  This works out well because the papers and prompts can go right in the folders and students can easily get to them.

The lovely part is when you have the set up all done and you start teaching.  When you get done with a nonfiction book I have my students write facts down in the Add a Fact page that is included in this pack, or... when I want my student's to reflect on what they have read I have them write in their Reading Response journals.  There are so many different choices and plenty for your students to do that it works out wonderfully.
Work on Writing Owl Theme

Work on Writing Back to School Theme

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