Like many teachers in less than two weeks a new school year starts.  I believe it's my 23 year of teaching.  Wow, and I still get nervous before the start of the new year.  I am not sure why that happens.  I know at least 3/4 of my students because I had them last year.  I was lucky too. What a great group of kiddos I have.  They love to learn and are always super excited about everything and that makes coming to work so rewarding. Behavior was great, I haven't always been so lucky.  I have had a few years that took a few years off my life, I am sure.  So today I want to share with you my classroom rules, because if you don't have a system that works well, it can be a mess.  I have used this system for many, many years.  Maybe not 22 years, but many.  It basically is a three strikes and a think sheet is given.  I keep a clipboard on my desk and if the students are not following a rule they receive a check by their name.  The third time the student  receives a check a think sheet is given to the student, where they reflect on their behavior and this sheet gets sent home so parents are also notified.  The parents discuss with their child what they did wrong and then the sheet is returned. Sounds simple right, it is but I don't  give many of these out.  I don't need to, they don't like them, and either do the parents.  So once the child has his name on the clipboard once, their behavior suddenly improves. The rules are posted in my room and of course discussed those first couple of days.  A note is also sent to parents to explain our classroom discipline procedures and plan.  This is all included in my Rules packs. I ended up making the rule posters in four different background choices, so don't forget if you are at all interested to look at all four different choices. My original version. A chalkboard with Chevron colors. My back to school theme which matches my Back to School Classroom Prep Pack and a simple polka dot background.
 These are some examples of the posters....


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