Daily Five-Cafe Freebies

Wow! First week in and I am still exhausted, and I am sure I will be until next June.  My students were so happy to be back at school.  Four new students this year, that is it.  The rest I have had last year and the year before.  I have been so lucky to have great supportive parents and children who love to go to school.  I am sharing with you today my Daily Five and Café freebies.  My favorite is My Free pack called "Daily Five, show them how."  I like this because I do not have to make ugly anchor charts.  (I am sorry some anchor charts are very pretty.)  Mine not so much, and really if it isn't cute I don't like keeping them up for long.  So I do however like my pocket chart.  This activity you ask your students if the behavior is a correct behavior or an incorrect behavior and then you place them under the right heading. So fun, we worked on Read to Self and Read to Someone last week and then practiced these skills.  Sad to say they still need practice.  But they do certainly know what behaviors are correct and incorrect for Read to Self and Read to Someone.  I am so happy to share these lessons along with my Daily Five posters and Café posters, and strategy cards.  Enjoy and happy teaching to you all.

My favorite Daily Five item that I have (FREE)  is this pack called Daily Five (Show Them How) It has everything you need for lessons on how the students should look and behave during read to self, read to someone, word work, listen to reading and work on writing.
The words and strategies under the titles are a little different than the sisters.  A little more me friendly and kid friendly.

Happy teaching and enjoy these FREE items!


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