My students love reader's theatre in my class, probably because they love the drama. It continues throughout the day, you know, on the playground, at lunch etc..  I am sure you get the picture. So when we do reader's theatre in the classroom  and they can be real drama like, they eat it up. I can not wait until we start this fables unit this next week. It will also be a great transition into learning  lessons and  morals which we have spent our fair time talking about and working on these first few weeks.  This pack is loaded with activities and I am excited about it.

You can find this pack on both my teacher sites.  Have a great weekend. Stay safe, because once again this week I was reminded how short our time on Earth is when a co-worker's wife was killed suddenly in a car accident just three miles down the road.  So stress less, love more and enjoy life. I plan on it!

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  1. That's Really Great That your students love reader's theatre in your class.
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