November has been super busy for me.  Parent-teacher conferences just got done last week. Whew... They are so much work.  Besides that I had Lasik surgery this week.  Why I had those things on the same week, well poor planning I guess. BUT I can see! My eye-sight was horrible, so that surgery has been a blessing for me.  I couldn't see two feet in front of me without glasses or contacts so this so fun. My wonderful hubby has been trying his best to keep me away from the computer, he is sure it is going to damage my new eyes.  So I need to be quick today on this post. ( LOL, he isn't home right now) Anyway I want to share with all of you the latest items that I have been working on.
Turkey facts is a mini unit on writing about Turkeys.  My students wrote great Turkey poems last year after we read and researched these birds and drew and painted beautiful turkeys.
Thank Goodness is a super fun class book to make with your students where they have to write from the point of view of an object or someone why they might be thankful. 
For example... A turkey is thankful for.... or An author is thankful for....                                           My students will be working on this next week.
I wanted to Bundle up my November  items together for a discount.  So you can get Turkey facts, Thank Goodness and my November Journal for a great deal.

Another activity that I just finished is my interactive charts for Thanksgiving. I will be working on this also next week with the youngers. (First Graders)
Press on any of the pictures and you can see what is all included.  Happy November, and happy teaching!

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