Five Dog Night

Happy New Year everyone!
Wow! Can not believe we have another day off, it is crazy cold outside! This is a great time for me to share a unit that I created to go with the book The Five Dog Night by Eileen Christelow.  This is such a fun book.
Ezra is a grumpy old man who has a busybody neighbor named Betty. Betty is so concerned that Ezra will freeze at night, if he doesn't use a blanket or quilt.  Ezra has Betty stumped when he tells her it is just a "four dog night" etc. Betty doesn't know that Ezra uses his dogs as blankets and the colder it gets the more dogs he uses. The book is a great book to read to your students on these cold days, and if you are a dog lover even better. It has been a tradition that I read this book each year.  Soooo I made a unit to go with the story.  It has many pages that align to the common core and other activities that can be used in a center, or in a whole group setting.  
Here is a look at what is all included in the unit.
The "Below Zero" class book is on my to do list for Wednesday.
Many activities can be used as a center too.
             My students got a sneak peak at the catching snowflakes art activity and can't wait to work on that. I hope we can get it all done, and get back to school.  I like snow days better, I can go out and play.  I am so tired of this cold, cold weather.  -30 below wind chills this morning along with -22 below for temp.  Stay warm it looks like we will have a few more "five dog nights" ahead. Jane
I just added the catching snowflakes activity. The had fun making these and did a great job on their acrostic poems.

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