Math Centers for Strategy practice

I love teaching math to my youngers (first graders).  They are so much fun and so eager to learn. It was recently that I found the pace I was going in math to be too fast and if I continued we would be done with our textbooks at the end of March. That has never happened before usually I can never finish our math books, but this was a new series and well, I didn't know that.... So I have slowed down a lot and brought back a lot more games, centers and fun into my math class. The kids are enjoying it too.  It cracks me up when we get done working on math centers and someone says, "Hey we didn't have math today!"  "No, honey that was math." This actually happens a lot, I kind of think that is bizarre, I mean we worked with numbers we added and subtracted but apparently it is not math class because we didn't work out of the math book. 

A couple summers ago I taught a remedial math class. I wanted to focus on math strategies to help the students learn basic addition and subtraction facts. Each day that I had these students we went through a strategy and practiced using it correctly.

In our math book for the school year it teaches these strategies as well but at a pace that seems to confuse some students.  These remedial students needed more help in knowing exactly which strategy to use when seeing the problems. Do I count up? Do I think of tens partners? Do I know my facts of ten? What do I do to solve these problems quickly? I think that we see the students in these early grades puzzled on what to do all the time and not just with the struggling students.

I decided to make some math centers that focused on these simple strategies that when used could really help students with their automaticity and fluency with their facts. I first made 14 strategy posters that explain these strategies.
     Then I made 10 centers that help the students practice these strategies.
I couldn't stop there so I made a math office, something I have wanted to
make for some time now to help the students when they need it. This math office has the strategies highlighted on the cover for quick   reference.          The next pictures show the different centers.
The counting up and counting back center that has Star Wars characters on it the students need to first decide if they should count up or count back and then complete the problems. The little boys in my class love this center, I think they really love Star Wars. Showing my students that counting backwards was much easier then counting up confused them at first until they could see how much quicker it was to count backwards with small numbers. It was an "Ah ha" moment.
Flash cards are also included for every strategy.
This product is available at both of my stores.  I am excited to be using these centers in my classroom and well my kids haven't figured out we are doing math yet,  so it is all good. You can check it out