Memories of my School Year

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The count down has begun, we are looking at 13 more days of school.  Trying to get everything accomplished these past weeks have been exhausting.  Testing, projects, field trips, memory books and the list goes on. My students have been working very hard.  I will share their work shortly.  I do want to share with you a journal that my students will be completing these next couple weeks. 
It is called Memories of My 2013-2014 School Year.  There are 22 pages in this book.  My students will complete the memory book and then it will go home with them on the last day of school along with their portfolio. All the pages have Melonheadz clipart and are in black and white, and on each page there is a space for students to add their own pictures.  I decided to bind this together, with the black and white cover copied on cardstock.

The Pages include these writing prompts.
-About my teacher
-My favorite subject
-My favorite project
-In math I learned
-A new friend I made
-Recess was fun because
-A story I enjoyed
-On the computers I
-In science we learned
-In reading I
- In art we
-In phy-ed
-I worked really hard at

-Music Rocks
-When I grow up
-My favorite celebration
-My favorite lunch
-Our field trip to
-My favorite memory this year
-Next year I hope
-This summer

Here is an example of the pages within the book.  Fun!

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