I think one of the best things about summer is not really knowing what day of the week it is and not caring what time you go to bed.  So bring back June, it is going by way too fast.

So I will take you back to May and I will show you some things my students did at the end of the year.

I love animals and I know that most of my students do too.  They love to learn about different animals.  They love to create pictures too of their animals.  At the end of this year we were studying habitats.  My class loved learning about the desert habitat.  Wisconsin is so different then the desert that my students were engaged and enjoyed everything about it. We made non-fiction text feature books about the desert animals this year. Each child was given a desert animal.  They did the research and turned it into a book that includes text features.  We did this book last year also so it wasn't new to many of my students. Some of the pictures below are from my students African animal reports.

The unit follows the gradual release of responsibility model.  A favorite way I like to teach especially to my mixed aged students. Every page of this text features book I model the expectations that I have for the students, then they create their own page.  Each page has different facts and information and a new text feature on it. Prior to working on the books we studied text features and reviewed the packet that is also included in my text features pack.
You can pick up a copy of the text features pack here.

This summer as a family we went to Wildwood park near our home.  This is a small zoo that has many animals that roam freely and that you can pet and interact with.  It had been along time since we took the kids.  My kids are really not kids anymore.  My daughter just turned 21 in April. Anyway, I have been back to this zoo many times since we have taken the kids because we go to Wildwood for fieldtrips with my students but my family hasn't seen my new favorite part to this zoo. Check it out. These birds are parakeets and there are hundreds of them.  They eat and land on your head and arms, and peck at your feet. It was fun.
 Here is a few more pictures.

  This collage was made at picmonkey.  If you are not familiar with that sight check it out.  It is free to use unless you want to get fancy and then it might cost a little bit. You can edit your photos etc..
This spring my students also worked on classifying animals.  It was a great time to use my Animal Classification unit. I used this mostly during our reading block. My students read the reader's theater scripts and worked on the worksheets that went with the unit. My students love reader's theater because they can partner read and in my multiage classroom partner reading is a great way for my students to build on their reading strategies and work on reading fluency. The reader theater scripts have information about each of the animal groups highlighted;  birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects and fish. They learned so much and enjoyed everything about this unit.

You can check this unit out here.
This unit is loaded with fun and engaging activities for your students, and your students will learn about different animal groups.

Happy teaching but happy summer break to you all!!

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