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Most of my day was spent planning  science and social studies with my co-workers for next year.  We got a lot done and it looks great.  We put out our plans on a long term planning form that I quickly downloaded this morning from Jodi at clutter free classroom.

The form was simple but it kept us organized and we soon had the whole year written down.  The painful task of putting our plans  into our pacing guides will be another story. Thanks Jodi, I will be back looking for more ways to stay organized.

I am super excited to announce another sale TPT will be having tomorrow! I will be having everything in my store at 20% off and type in code BOOST at check out for another 8% off. 
Now that I know for sure what I will be teaching next year I have lots of items I plan to purchase again tomorrow.
So I want to let you know about a favorite item of mine that you might want to get on sale. This pack is my Common Core Language lessons with Test Prep. Yes, now would be a good time to grab this pack because it is a bit expensive.  This is a huge unit and it took a tremendous amount of time to create but I love using it in my classroom.  It is easy to implement and my students love working in their language workbooks. They stay engaged are learning skills that need to be taught.  Before I created this pack I had many resources and had spent a great amount of time searching and copying many different resources to teach these lessons, but now I have it all together and it has been a great big time saver for me.
This past week I totally updated this file and I know you will like the new look.
These language lessons work great for my 2nd and 3rd graders. Yes, I do something different with my youngers when they are working on this pack. So staying organized and having everything ready while I am doing sometimes three different things is pretty important for me.
  It is a humungous pack with 50 language lessons along with 50 review pages. Every lesson has a coordinating poster to go with the lessons. The lessons take about 15-30 minutes.  We discuss the lesson, do a few examples, and my students work in these booklets.  We do these lessons about twice  a week.  A nice break from writing but truly needed skills the students need to know.  The vocabulary on the review pages are  also essential for  students to understand for general academic instruction but also these terms will be used throughout the standardized tests and if your students do not understand what the vocabulary means the students will struggle.  Also on the review pages are practice questions similar to what they will look like on the tests and practicing this format is also valuable.You can check it out here.

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