Word Work and Phonics Activities

Teaching in a multiage class means you have a very large range of learners in your classroom.  I love it, but I can't always do the traditional classroom kinds of things.  For example during our reading block the reading levels  in a 1-3 multiage classroom is very huge. So I do not have centers that students rotate through but instead I have a variety of activities that my students do during word work time during the Daily Five.  This year I will have 5 new youngers (first graders) so I needed to create some activities for my beginning learners. In this pack I focused on phonics skills but I also have a sight word activity and I added some handwriting practice too.  I love teaching the first graders how to read.  Having been a reading teacher I am always up for a good challenge. The great thing about the first graders is seeing their progress throughout the year and for me I see their progress through the three years I have them.  It is truly rewarding! Here are a few pictures of what is included in the pack.

This is available in my teacher stores and contains 10 different activities and a sound office.  The sound office is made up of 5 different pages of sounds that a first grader needs to learn and be taught. You can do many things with these pages.  Put them in writing folders, use as posters in your classroom etc.. I made these into little offices. You just need two file folders and glue them together to have a total of six sides.  Glue the pages around the folder and you are done, a great little reference for you and your students.
What is included.

Vowel Sound Cards-All 41 Vowel patterns

Code breaking activity-Beginning sounds

Short vowel word families

Handwriting wipe off cards

Word family wipe off posters with mini posters of word families

Magic E -cvce words

CVC word puzzle cards

Building blends

Diagraph sort

Sight word-Read, build and write

And sound offices for you to use with your students.
You can grab this pack here.
Happy teaching, and happy August!


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