Christmas Questionnaire

Fabulous in First has started this fun linky party.  It is a Christmas Questionnaire.   I like reading all about others and getting to know these great bloggers. So I thought I would link up. Here are my answers. 
1. When do you decorate? 

I usually decorate during Thanksgiving Break, but this year my house is undergoing a little remodel.  We are converting a small bedroom into an office and walk in closet that is attached to our bedroom.  This is very exciting for me and I cannot wait until I have my own office.  My house is finally decorated though amidst the clutter.


2. Elf or no elf? 

My kids are all grown so no elf at home but I do have an elf at school, check out my free elf materials here.


3. Christmas Cookies or No Baking for You? No baking for me. That is one stressful Christmas to do that is not on my list.  I am not a fan of baking. 
4. Favorite Holiday Tradition? 

We have had many but as the kids have gotten older we usually would plan a short vacation somewhere.  Mostly so we can all be together and enjoy each other’s company. We like going to Chicago or Minneapolis and doing all the fun City stuff. 

This is last year at the Zoo in Minneapolis.  It was a 40 degree sunny day so that made it perfect to go to the Zoo.

5. Favorite Christmas Movie? I love Christmas movies.  I like many.  Earlier this week I just watched Christmas Vacation, I think that movie is so funny.

6. Snow or No Snow? 

I love snow at Christmas.  Currently our snow is melting because we have had a little warm spell and rain.  I will be happy if it snows before Christmas. It is cold here in Northern Wisconsin, so it is nice to have snow so we can enjoy being outside skiing, snowshoeing etc...

This snowfall  fell in May.  We had 18 inches!

7. Favorite Christmas Song? 

Hmm. Carol of the Bells maybe.


8. Favorite Gifts to Give and Get? 
I have been busy shopping, my friends at work will all get a bottle of wine, we could all use that to enjoy over break.  My children will get gift cards for many different places and my hubby and I will enjoy our remodel. I do hope that I get the new Piano Guys album, I think that is the only thing on my list.  They also have a beautiful Christmas album. Which I have been busy listening to.  My students in my class beg to listen to the Piano Guys.  Please check out their you tube videos, you will not be disappointed. 

Have a great last week before break.  Hang in there everyone and enjoy the season.

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