Word Families

  If you teach beginning readers, you already know the importance of teaching word families to your students.  This time of year I spend much of my word- work time teaching and working on the different word families.
Learning word families sometimes called chunks or phonograms can help emergent readers begin to understand our complicated language by providing some predictable patterns within words.  When learning to read, patterns are important.  Children who recognize the patterns will have an easier job decoding words.
Once children learn the most common word families they will be able to decode over 500 words.  This will put an emerging reader well on their way of mastering the entire decoding process. 

This video talks about why it is important to teach your students the word families.  
There are many resources available and I have created many of my own.  In the beginning I love using these charts because they have the ending part of the word families on it. 
Even after teaching these strategies there seems to always be some students that will not quit understand and say something totally different at the end of the word.
This boy is doing a nice job, even coming up with blends in the beginning.
This chart is a center activity in my classroom.  The students sort the pictures in the right family pocket. 
 My 10 grab and go word work and phonics activities  has many different beginning reading concepts in it.  Many highlight understanding word families.

     Another activity I plan to start next week with my students is having them work in a word family book. These are printables, just copy into a booklet and print.

And something that I couldn't live without are my Word Family Trucks.  These are trucks that contain word families and the word cards are all included.  Every time we learn a new vowel pattern or sound the trucks come out and we read the words in the pocket chart.

This is really just a quick look at some activities I use to help with this important skill.  Thank you for viewing.
Happy teaching!


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  1. This is so informative! Thanks for sharing your ideas, Miss Jane! :) <3