Fairy Tales and a Sale

It is that time of year again and TPT is having a site wide sale on Wednesday, February 25! 
That means everything in my store will be 20% off and when you put in the code at checkout you will get additional savings!
My wish list is growing!

This past month I have been working on revising my fairy tale units.  
It has been a lot of work and I am so excited about the changes and a new addition.

The First Fairy Tale Unit!

The second Fairy Tale Unit!

My New Unit!

Please check them all out, includes puppets, plays and many other activities that go along with the stories.
Click on the links above to check them out.

Stay warm friends, today we had school and it was -23 degrees on our way to work.  We don't get cold days off very often here in Northern Wisconsin.  We would have to have wind chills to go with that.  Hearty and Depressed is what we are, I can't even imagine living in Alaska.
I think this is pretty much how we feel this time of year. Spring will be a long ways off.

Happy teaching!

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