Today was one of those days when I felt exactly like this guy in the video.  My first grade student that I was trying to help looked just like the man he was trying to teach.  I guess we keep trying, but I know many of you can relate.  If you need to laugh then check out other kid snippets on you-tube.

In math with my youngers (first graders) we are working on adding and subtracting 10 to any number and then we worked on adding multiples of ten to any number.  This skill can be tough and the students need to have good number sense.  I have a few that struggle with just about everything in math so today's lesson was especially daunting (For me too). The best part of todays lesson was  putting together our 120 puzzles.  The students had fun putting these together.  Simply take a 120 chart print on colored cardstock, laminate and cut them up into puzzle pieces.  I found the 120 chart here and I could see a couple light bulbs turning on. Thanks so much Stacy Romanjuk for the 120 chart.

I have two centers in my math fluency pack that has helped my students with ten less and ten more. We just keep practicing.

In this math fluency pack there are 10 centers along with flashcards, posters and activities so students can practice understanding these skills. Check this unit out here.
Spring break is still over a week away! Yikes! Looking forward to a break, visiting my son in Arizona and soaking up the sunshine! 

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