Dinosaur Unit

Are you counting down the days?  We have 9 more days left until the end of the school year. May has been exhausting so I am looking forward to summer. 
Last month we finished our dinosaur unit. I just love studying and learning about dinosaurs.
My students loved learning about dinosaurs too.  We read about dinosaurs, compared dinosaurs with reptiles, learned new vocabulary words, researched dinosaurs and wrote a report on them and so much more...
Here are some pictures of my dinosaur unit.

 My students pretended they were paleontologists and discovered new dinosaurs and wrote about them.  We also read the book If the dinosaurs came back by Bernard Most.
 We wrote our own version and turned it into a class book. 
Here are some examples.
This was a great unit to differentiate and work together in groups. My olders (3rd graders) in my class worked with the youngers to create their dinosaur reports. Working together to complete a project works nicely in my multiage class.
Some of my students brought their dinosaurs from home. 
One of my guided reading groups  read Dinosaur Before Dark by Mary Pope Osborne and I read to them Dinosaur Habitat by Helen V. Griffith. 

Click on the picture of my dinosaur unit and check it out on tpt.
Have a great one!


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