Assess Me!

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My assessment!
Jane Loretz
July 26, 2015
My wisdom teeth were taken out by a student oral surgeon.  One of the surgeons fainted in the other room and the one who took out my wisdom teeth left me with the a small section in the front of my chin numb as in forever,  so it must be nerve damage.  I was awake the whole time. I started laughing when I learned it was the dentist that fainted in the other room.  In my position I thought it was funny.  The oral surgeon didn't think I should have been laughing.  Hmm.. maybe that's why I had nerve damage. 
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Las Vegas and a Makeover

This summer I was fortunate enough to have had the great opportunity to go to the tpt conference in Las Vegas.  I took my husband and my youngest son Logan along for support and when I was busy in the conference they were busy enjoying the sights of Las Vegas, and what 17 year old doesn't think Vegas is pretty cool. 
I learned a lot from the conference and met some amazing and inspiring teachers.  It was a little overwhelming for someone who is nervous around so many people. There were over 1,100 teachers at this conference. It hit me in the middle of the conference how I was sitting in a room full of teachers that have made huge contributions to education.  These same teachers have taught me to love teaching and that we are valued and it felt great to be surrounded by such devoted and inspiring people.
My husband Mike and Logan had a great time and we loved shopping, eating and seeing all the sights of Vegas.
Now that we are home I have been working on revising some products and working on some new ones.  My themes product which is my number one seller got a needed makeover. I used real photos and it turned out great.  Themes are really tricky for our students and this interactive bulletin board will make teaching themes easier for your students to understand.

Please check this product out here.
Enjoy summer everyone!