Monsters (Learning about Character traits)

It is getting close to Halloween and I am excited to share with you my monster lesson on character traits with all of you.  I like doing this lesson and activity during the Halloween season but this certainly can be done anytime of the year.   I created this unit because I wanted my students to understand character traits.  First your students will have to identify the different character traits of the monsters.  They will have to infer based on the details that are given for each character.  This is great practice because students will be required to identify character traits in texts.

First I read the monster posters to my students and display them where all my students can see them.

Then when I am done reading all the monster posters, we go through each character trait and discuss what they mean. They are on the colored frames. 

Then one at a time we reread the different monster posters and I have my students identify the character traits for each monster. I like to display the character traits with the monsters.

Then the next day, I have my students write and create their own monsters. 
Your students will have a greater understanding of character traits after this lesson and they will have a great time creating their own monsters.  Here are my students monsters.

Please check out the unit here.