Turkey Facts

Turkeys, Native Americans and Pilgrims oh my! 
It is that time of year again.  Hear is a quick look at my 
turkey facts unit.
We wrote a poem on facts about turkeys!
Here is a sample page of the text on turkeys.
This is a great pack on informational text writing about turkeys.
Included in this pack....

Information on turkeys, graphic organizers for writing a poem or research paper and final draft pages.
Cards that contain information on turkeys is also included that can be displayed in a pocket chart for easy reference.

Also included is a turkey and penguin compare and contrast activity. This activity is to be done as a whole group lesson that you can do with your students that compares turkey characteristics to penguins.

Writing and learning about turkeys is a lot of fun and the information can be made into a great bulletin board when you have your students draw and paint a turkey!
Have a great week!
You can grab this unit here.

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