Whew! It is done.  A new Unit. Whew, I"ll say it again because I am glad.  This unit is on Weather. We had our weather unit this fall. It was a lot of fun.  Here are some samples of what we did in the classroom.
Check out the unit here.

We emphasized  the four elements of weather-moisture, wind, air pressure and temperature.  My students were paired up and they created the posters.  We also sorted seasons and discussed why and how we have them. 

Each day for a week my students tracked the weather in their weather journals.  They had fun doing this and learned how to look up the weather on their i-pads. We also graphed the weather during our entire unit as you can see we had a lot of partly cloudy days.  

When we studied clouds we made these fun cloud posters.  The brilliant idea came from Jennifer White at First Grade Blue Skies.  You can grab her free unit here.
Here is a good look at the unit.  This is my unit preview.

Ok, so do you get why I said Whew! A little labor of love. I think I included it all. 
Now I'll be working on a little Christmas unit...

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