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Geography-Map Skills

I always teach map skills every year in my multiage class, yet my files were overflowing with all kinds of different activities but I had nothing that was easy to implement in my classroom.  So I decided to make a unit that would be ready and easy to use.
So I introduce to you my map skills unit which has been in full force in my classroom this past month.  
This unit contains a map skills no prep packet which you simply print-copy and you are set.
This worked out great for my students.  We worked on a page or two a day.  
These pages are included.

-What is a globe?
-What is a map?
-Where are the continents and oceans?
-Where are we in the world?
-We need directions.
-Using directions.
-What is a map key?
-Using a map key.
-What is a map grid?
Practice your map skills
(students create their own map)

This unit includes 24 vocabulary cards that include the word, definition and picture.  
These cards are great to display in a pocket chart and to refer to while teaching. 
-A vocabulary illustrated dictionary cover and sheet are included so your students can make a class illustrated dictionary.  Create this dictionary by giving each student a vocabulary word and then they illustrate the word, write the definition and write a sentence using that word.
-Vocabulary comprehension page to use for assessment or review.
11 full and half page pictures of land and water forms (real pictures). 

Also included is a land-form matching game.  My students played this like concentration. They enjoy games and had a blast.
 This unit includes a map skills center activity.  
My students will be working on this next week for a good review.  
Students answer questions on map skills then they write their answer down on the sheet of paper that is included.  
I will set up the Geo-Bingo  cards so my students can play Geo-Bingo in small groups.

  We also made globes out of paper mache last week.  
I will not lie that was a big, old messy project.
The students had so much fun and many had never paper mached before so they loved it.  The clean up part I didn't love so much.  

This activity was a fun hands on way to learn the continents.  My students learned all about  the continents but to tell you the truth their globes looked more like a Pangaea project. I even had the older multiage students across the hall help put the pieces on the globe, well they helped a little. I think I would still do this project again because of the experiences my students gained.  The results I guess is what I should expect from 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders.  I will remember their smiles and how excited they were with their globes and that made it worth it.  
Please check out this unit here.
Happy teaching and stay warm! -18 below here last night, but feels like -34 below with the wind chill! 
Brr......And nope, they don't call school off for that.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

LeVar Burton reads a book about Dr. Martin Luther King.

I wanted to share with all of you my plans for the next couple weeks. I love all the learning that takes place in my classroom when we discuss Dr. Martin Luther King.  We start off each year with a video.  This is called Our Friend Martin.  It shows what life would have been like without Dr.Martin Luther King.  It is 60 minutes long so plan on it taking a while but it is well worth it.

Then we read lots of books and worked on learning the new vocabulary.

After learning the vocabulary, this year my students will illustrate a timeline of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Life.  

 Then we will discuss our dream and Dr. King's dream.  We brainstorm and we write both dreams down on paper.  Here is a look at the final product.

Last year we wrote "I am" poems about Dr. King.  Then we wrote one together and I enlarged it poster size and my students painted portraits of Dr. King.  It made a great bulletin board.

You can find everything shown here in my unit.
Happy teaching!