Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

LeVar Burton reads a book about Dr. Martin Luther King.

I wanted to share with all of you my plans for the next couple weeks. I love all the learning that takes place in my classroom when we discuss Dr. Martin Luther King.  We start off each year with a video.  This is called Our Friend Martin.  It shows what life would have been like without Dr.Martin Luther King.  It is 60 minutes long so plan on it taking a while but it is well worth it.

Then we read lots of books and worked on learning the new vocabulary.

After learning the vocabulary, this year my students will illustrate a timeline of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Life.  

 Then we will discuss our dream and Dr. King's dream.  We brainstorm and we write both dreams down on paper.  Here is a look at the final product.

Last year we wrote "I am" poems about Dr. King.  Then we wrote one together and I enlarged it poster size and my students painted portraits of Dr. King.  It made a great bulletin board.

You can find everything shown here in my unit.
Happy teaching! 

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