Front Row

Last year I stumbled upon this amazing math program called Front Row. This program allows me to give my students differentiated practice at their own levels.  Students can   work directly on the website or use the app on i-pads as I do with my students. 

Here are 10 reasons why I love using Front Row in my classroom.

1. It is a free program for teachers and students.  
That's right folks FREE! They also have a school edition available, that provides more advanced reporting, and assessments.

2. Flexibility on how you can use this program in your classroom.
My students use Front Row during our Math Workshop time as one of our stations.  My students also work on Front Row during our intervention and enrichment times. There are many ways to use this program in your classroom.

3. Students are placed at their own level.
When your students first start on a specific domain such as measurement and data, they are given a diagnostic test (not available for k/1). This will assess where your students are with the specific math strand.

4. Tools that help your students work out problems.
When students are working through problems, they can have the problems read to them (a big "hurrah!" for us first grade teachers).  Your students can also use the manipulatives and scratch paper directly in the program.  When they do not understand how to do a problem a short tutorial is shown to the students to help them understand how to complete the problem.

5. Instant feedback is given!
Yes, instantly your students will be told if their answer is correct or incorrect.  This is another "Hurrah!" Instant feedback helps the students see what they are aiming at, see immediately if their problem solving skills are correct and helps them understand that they need to make corrections if necessary.
If the student answers the problem correctly they collect coins.They can use the coins to buy items to dress a pig (yep, it works, it motivates them).  The coins are also subtracted from the total when they get problems wrong.

6. Front Row has inquiry based lessons.
These are real world scenarios that are introduced to students through a video.  Very little prep is involved (you simply download the inquiry page). Then your students work together to solve the problems.  My students enjoyed the lessons we did together.  Honestly, it was difficult for my students at first but these types of questions are important and have your students applying what they know.  My students were also required to work together, something that was difficult at first to do.
This is a snapshot of the video that my students watched.  
7. You are given a weekly report on your students via e-mail.
That's right, each week Front Row sends me a progress report on my students.  A report card and other data is available anytime on the program.  My students are also encouraged to work on Front Row at home and parents are given a code to see their child's progress.

This is a report card that can be shared with parents.  Lots of data is available to you and parents.
8. A reading component has now been added to Front Row.  
I have explored this but I haven't used it yet with my students.  It looks just as engaging and includes skills and strategies that students need for standardized tests.

9. Front Row prepares students for tests.
My second grade students have MAPS testing and this does a good job of meeting their needs.  Front Row has data that shows students who work on Front Row have better test scores on the MAPS tests than those who don't.  The questions used within the content are also aligned to the common core.     

10. The program is fun and engaging for my students. 
My students love working on this program.
Check it out here.


  1. Have you ever tried prodigy math? My kids love it!

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