Genre Posters

Hello! It has been a crazy last couple of months and I can't believe it is JULY already. I am wondering what happened to June. My summer really has just begun, I have been busy teaching summer school.  I have also been busy updating a few files.  Today I want to share with you my updated Genre Posters.
 In this unit I have 23 posters that includes a fiction and non-fiction poster.  I keep my posters up all year and we refer to them often.

My students like to discuss what genre they are reading and are encouraged to read a number of different genres throughout the year. These posters are simple but contain language my students understand.  Here is a preview page from my unit.
  I have also included a few activities that will help you teach genres to your students.  I first start out by teaching my students  what fiction and non-fiction mean.  I have my students cut out      little book pictures from scholastic book order forms and we paste the correct book under fiction or non-fiction.
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Happy July everyone!

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