Phonics Pocket Charts

These phonics charts may be exactly what you need to have meaningful whole group or guided reading lessons with your students. 

I have created eight different pocket chart lessons.  This is the bundled version shown.   You may want to check it out here in my store. If you need just one unit check the preview and there are links to each separate unit, that way you can have a better look at what is all included.
These pocket chart activities can be used a number of different ways; in small groups, as a center, for review or to explicitly teach the different phonics sounds to a whole group or a small group of students. 

Each pocket chart pack focuses on sounds or spelling patterns your students need to know an understand well before moving on in reading and spelling. 

My students love these pocket chart lessons and enjoy coming up to the chart and manipulating the cards.  After I use these cards as a whole group lesson with my students, I leave the cards in the pocket chart so my students can use the same cards and activity during center time.

Here is a look at my students this summer using the different charts.

Included in the packs are blank grid sheets where students can sort their card under the correct sound.  I like to do this activity during guided reading or intervention time.

Happy summer and happy teaching!

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