Hello!  I am so glad that you have visited my blog.  I am a multiage teacher and have been one for 15 years now. Teaching for 22.  I first was a reading teacher, I enjoyed that but Classroom positions opened up and then I taught second grade.  At that time everything was integrated and theme based.  I still like to teach like that, it is how kids learn best.
So some of you might be wondering about the multiage classroom, just how did our multiage program start? Well,  about 16 years ago a number of us started looking into multiage as an alternative to the traditional classroom, we visited some schools and we were impressed... so it began.  We started our multiage program 15 years ago and it still is going strong.  Our program offers an alternative to the traditional classroom.  I currently have 18 students.  7 are youngers (1st graders) 7 are second grade (middles) and 4 are 3rd graders (olders).  The students are of mixed abilities.  It is not a gifted program just a different one.  We have 4 primary multiage teachers and 2 upper multiage teachers.  Our students who attend the primary go directly to the upper multiage classes.

 I enjoy teaching in a multiage classroom. I love having my kiddos for three years. I get to have siblings in my class.  This year I have 3 sets of siblings.  You just wouldn't believe how great that works.  I usually always get siblings of students that have been through the program.  Sooo it makes for nice parent-teacher communications.  You know the families and the families know you. I think what we constantly do in our classrooms is differentiate, so expect a variety of lessons when you visit this site.  We have a three year curriculum, which is nice. I don't usually get sick of anything we teach because it usually is every three years we do it. Any questions about our program don't hesitate to ask.

As of my personal life beyond the school, I have three children although they're not children anymore.  A 22 year old son who is back home working until he makes enough money to go back to school. Yes, they do come back home, but  it has been nice having him home and he so helps me when I need help on the computer.  So techy those kids.  My daughter is 19 and a student at Winona State University in Minnesota.  That is where my husband and I graduated from. Go Warriors!  My baby, well he is 15 and keeps us busy with his sporting events. Yeah! Something to take me away from this computer.  My husband is also a teacher, down the hall from where I teach. He is an amazing person. So blessed to have him and my children. 
Ok, so when I am not at work or working on projects for school.  I am working out. Yes, I absolutely must stay working out for my sanity.  Keeps me chipper and in better spirits. I love eating out, food in general.  So another reason why I have to work out.  Othewise we stay busy with our kids. We like to travel when we can and have had some amazing adventures.  My dogs, I can't forget them.  Love my puppies.  Pepin our chocolate lab and Maddie our english setter are my buddies. Anyways yada, yada, yada.  Thanks for reading to the end.  Happy teaching! Jane


  1. I was wondering if you could post your schedule? I am a multi-age teacher (this school year 4K and Kindergarten) next year (Kindergarten and 1st) I am looking for assistance in setting up my schedule. I will be responsible for teaching both Kindergarten and 1st grade curriculum without assistance. So I am looking for any tips! Thanks

  2. I am going to be starting my first teaching job as a multi-age (2nd & 3rd grade) teacher, do you know of any other multi-age blogs out there I can check out?